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Special Announcement – Job Hiring Scam Alert

If you have been contacted through social media or text message regarding a job opportunity, please be aware that this is a scam. S/T Health Group Consulting, Inc. will never interview or hire anyone over social media. All interviews are conducted in person. If you are contacted by someone posing as an employee of our company in this manner, you should report the account to the social platform administrator and cease all contact.

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S/T Health Group is a specialty consulting company focusing on pharmacy informatics
and supply chain solutions for healthcare providers. S/T Health Group provides data
analysis services that help hospitals and healthcare systems contain or avoid costs
in the pharmaceutical supply chain through price verification, contract compliance
measurement and analysis of purchasing and utilization trends.

Click on each link or the services tabs above to learn more about S/T Health Group’s
comprehensive suite of solutions.

  • Contract Price Verification Service
  • Operational Financial Recoveries
  • Contract Compliance and Optimization Process
  • Charge Master Accuracy and Performance Analysis
  • NDC Monitoring Service
  • GPO Comparison
  • 340B TruDat Contract Rx Audit Service
  • Formulary Value Analysis
  • Custom Data Analytics Solutions