About Us

S/T Health Group is a health care consulting and services company that provides comprehensive data analysis and management services to support cost of goods containment in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Our services not only recover hidden costs but provide opportunities to control costs and maximize results going forward. We provide innovative, high quality cost containment and data analysis services that yield valuable information that can be used to recover real dollars and help clients manage their operations.

Our people come from the healthcare industry and healthcare is our only focus. Our mission is to apply our expertise and experience in healthcare operations and information technology to come alongside of our clients to create solutions that improve bottom line results by recovering hidden costs and maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in the entire supply chain.

Our services are comprehensive, turnkey solutions for today’s health care cost containment challenges. While we provide autonomous solutions to your cost containment and data analysis issues, your time is freed up to focus on what you do best – taking care of patients.

Whether it is invoice cost recovery, contract purchasing management, charge master analysis and maintenance or any other type of large data file analysis and management, we look forward to working with you in support of your organization’s mission.