NDC Monitoring

An automated and standardized process for maintaining and updating the NDC
number in computerized hospital pharmacy systems based on monthly review of
contemporaneous purchasing records. This service supports more accurate reporting
of NDC numbers and more accurate cost basis information for systems that rely on the
NDC number for cost and pricing calculations. An integrated review of charge master,
clinical system product master and purchasing history results in automated updates
for keeping the NDC number current in the clinical system while identifying any action
items for proper alignment of the product master with the purchased products.


  • Automated monthly NDC number updates
  • Actionable edit reports as needed for system updating


  • Saves valuable staff time otherwise required for keeping NDC numbers updated
    for accurate reporting
  • Keeps systems updated for accurate reporting of NDC numbers based on actual
    products purchased
  • Enhances billing process for any claims where HCPCS and NDC number need to
    be properly aligned for reporting
  • Provides a standardize methodology for NDC maintenance across multi facility
    health systems