Formulary Analysis

The Formulary Value Analysis is a tool that allows health system clinical pharmacists
to evaluate current pharmaceutical costs and easily identify pharmacoeconomic
therapeutic interchange opportunities for formulary migration AND the estimated
potential savings associated with each.

Multiple data inputs are organized in the form of an interactive tool through which
clinical managers can make decisions about establishing formulary status for each
target drug and can model potential drug cost savings through migration of drug
utilization between therapeutic equivalents within therapeutic drug categories.


  • Interactive modelling tool
  • Formulary opportunities based on true costs
  • Target actionable items by drug class, specific drug and facility


  • Consolidated dashboard integrates disparate data sources into an easy-to-use
    work took
  • Rapid identification of highest value opportunities for formulary migration
  • Provides benchmarking of pharmacoeconomic initiatives within a facility or across
    multi-facility networks