Charge Master Analysis

This is a comprehensive solution for pharmacy charge master (CDM) review and
maintenance. We compare charge descriptions to actual purchasing history, assess
patient pricing against current acquisition costs, ensure accuracy between ancillary
billing systems and the charge master and verify compliance with
current coding requirements.


  • Unique integration of CDM, clinical system and purchasing data
  • Actionable items are identified for aligning all three systems for complete and
    accurate billing


  • A technology based solution that integrates complex data sources into directly
    actionable items in an efficient manner not possible through in-house manual
    work effort
  • Identifies disconnects on both price and volume between products purchased,
    products dispensed and how products are charged
  • Maximization of revenue through appropriate HCPCS and NDC number coding
    relative to actual products purchased
  • Maximization of revenue through rational CDM pricing based on actual acquisition
  • Proper alignment of billing with coding requirement for proper compliance